Want to convert your Jeep 392 Beadlock Capable Wheels to their true BEADLOCK form? Our billet 6061-T6 Beadlock Ring will turn your Beadlock Capable wheels from a beauty trim ring into a true Off Road Beadlock.

     - This Beadlock Ring is for the Non XR Beadlock Capable 392 Wheel with 24 Bolts. (Your trim ring may have 12 Bolts but the wheel is drilled for this 24 bolt ring so this ring will work).

     - The stock hardware is quite good and reusable for install of our Beadlock Ring. No additional hardware is required if your trim rings have all 24 bolts. 

     - If your trim rings have 12 bolts you'll need additional hardware to secure our Beadlock Ring. You can source the additional 12 bolts direct from Jeep. We have included an option to replace all the hardware. Selecting our bolt option will include 24 bolts per wheel. Our option is much cheaper! 


     - 100% Made in USA.

     - 6061-T6 Aluminum.

     - Beadlock Ring only - Wheel not included. 

We also make a Beadlock Ring for the XR Wheels found here:

Beadlock Ring for XR Wheels.

Beadlock Ring for 392 Non XR Wheels

  • $224.95

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